What is For-Knees Website About?

The knee joint is not only one of the most important joints, but it is also one of the joints most prone to injury and wear and tear. So it is critical to take good care of your knees.

This site will present a multidisciplinary approach, and an unbiased approach, based on massive amounts of research.

How I Got Into Knee Pain Relief

My name is Eric Arnow. I am 69 years old, and have led a pretty active life, running, hiking, doing yoga. In 2013,  I climbed two mountains in China, both over 9000-10,000 feet.  Let me explain why I set up this website, which is to help people with comprehensive information about taking care of their knees

In 1984, I had my first knee surgery for a torn meniscus, and had to have about 1/4 of it removed. I had knee pain for years, but managed reasonably well, especially doing yoga exercises. Then in late 2014, I felt a ‘twinge’ in my knee, and the pain and stiffness increased over several months.

At that point, I started researching knee support sleeves, and other approaches to knee pain management, partly to help myself, but also, because I thought that if I did the research, I could help others with their knees. I had a second surgery that removed more of my meniscus as well as some frayed cartilage.

In 2015, while riding my bicycle, a motorbike ran right into the same knee. With three injuries to the same knee, I am lucky to be able to walk. The good thing is that it motivated me to research all the different methods I could find to take care of knees and reduce pain and maintain knee health.

Since then, I realized that over the long term, I needed to look into other types of care. Some examples are TENS, Ultrasound, Heat, Ice, Exercises and Physical Therapy, Joint Supplements and so on. There are actually over 2 dozen types of knee treatments, some self care and some done by professionals.