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How to Minimize Knee Pain –7 Possible Ways

Knee pain can be quite uncomfortable, often times limiting the activities an individual can partake in. Fortunately though, there are several different ways you can minimize knee pain that range from being simple to being a bit more in-depth. Here is a list of things you can do to help with knee pain:

  1.  Always stretch before exercising
  2. Do not overwork your knees
  3. Avoid activities which can cause knee strain.
  4. Walk barefoot
  5. Wear very soft soled shoes
  6. Try over the counter medicines or supplements

 Always stretch before exercising

Always stretch and warm up before a workout, and work out with a partner that will show you the proper form for different activities in order to prevent injuries that can lead to knee pain.

Do Not Overwork Your Knees

Do not overwork your knees by constantly weightlifting without allowing time for your body to rest and recover from previous workouts.

Avoid Activities that Could Lead to Knee Strain

Avoid activities which require slipping, such as basketball or ice skating, which can cause knee strain. These types of sports are especially dangerous if you have weak knees due to past or present injury or bad arthritis

Walk Barefoot on Sand or Soft Grass or Soil

If possible, try going for walks barefoot rather than wearing shoes because doing so has been how we humans walked for most of our history. However, much of the time, walking on sand or soft grass may not be possible. In that case.

Wear Very Soft Soled Shoes

Wear very soft soled shoes, or shoes that are specifically designed for walking or to reduce impact on the knee joint. Or put a soft inner sole in the shoes that you already own. As I have gotten older and my knees have become more sensitive, I have used thick soled athletic shoes with soft sole material.That reduces impact when I walk. While some people over 60 do run, given my past history of knee inury, I’ve found that walking, wearing thick soft soled shoes cut the knee pain down significaltly.

Use a Knee Pillow While Sleeping

Sometimes you may sleep in a way that puts stress on your knee. To prevent that, try using a knee pillow while sleeping.

Try Over the counter medicines or supplements

Some basic over the counter medicines like Paracetemol, Ibuprofen, or aspirin are known easy to obtain pain relievers. You can also use anti inflammatory spices and herbs such as ginger or turmeric supplements


Let’s face it. Knee pain can be ‘a real pain’, which prevents you from doing the things you like to do. But there are some very simple things you can try that will either prevent your knee pain from getting worse, or may even make it get better. The important thing is not to neglect taking care of your knees. “Powering through the pain” may seem heroic, but all too often it leads to problems, problems that are avoidable.

We’ve talked about just 7 of the many things you can do, which at least gives you a starting point to minimize knee pain and get you back into the swing of things.

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