Physical Therapy Helps to Treat Knee Injuries


Let’s face it: Joint pain is not fun. You will not know how dreadful it is until you’ve got surgery or a bunch of medications to take. However, joint pain treatment should not only be limited to those two. You also have a more natural solution, such as  physical therapy, which can help relieve joint pain.

If you go to a licensed physical therapist, he or she will probably perform several procedures, including the use of pain relief devices such as ultra sound, TENS, use of hot and cold packs, and so on. Plus, teach you some exercises to do at home.  You can learn about pain relief devices here.

Joint pain causes difficulty in climbing the stairs, walking and playing sports among others issues. Not only that, but when you have knee problems, even doing exercise, which you need, becomes problematic. So it’s a matter of knowing the right kinds of exercise to do.  That is how physical therapy may treat your knee problem,  by bringing back the natural movement of your body. Besides, physical therapy will also strengthen your joints, restore their health and maintain fitness.

There are different approaches by which physical therapy heals knee pain.

  • First,  low-impact aerobic training. The training will engage your joints for mobility improvement. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing your heart rate. Instead of engaging in rigorous exercises, the therapy will teach you to warm up properly.
  • Second, strengthening your body. Besides knees, the targets of the therapy are your back, belly and butt. The therapist may ask you to perform body weight-based or machine-supported exercises.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is vital to improving not only your joint health but also your overall wellness. Besides strengthened joint muscles, you can also maintain bone health, get higher energy, and control weight.

Why Choose Physical Therapy Over Other Joint Pain Treatments?


A good physical therapist can help you  preserve your health, which is difficult if you have arthritis or an injury such as a meniscus tear, ACL or MCL tear, and so on. According to National Health Interview Data Survey, 37% of arthritis patients are inactive. The situation is brought by increased general distress, disability and poor quality of life. Physical therapists will be able to support you in overcoming barriers while exercising.

Improved mobility is achievable with physical therapy. By attending sessions regularly, and then doing the exercises on your own, physical therapists can help you gain pain-free movement. Though you may have  knee pain or arthritis, you can now enjoy recreational activities. In addition, increased mobility and physical independence will reduce your hip fracture and heart failure risks. Watch the video for a quick lesson by a physical therapist.

Choosing physical therapy as an alternative will give you an edge to avoid prescription drugs. Physical therapy is cheaper and equally effective in treating knee osteoarthritis, low back pain and degenerative disc disease, too.

Participating in your own recovery is ideal using physical therapy. These health professionals will help you develop physical independence. They will work by teaching you what to do, and later on, letting you do the activities alone.

Physical Therapy Relieves Knee Pain, Aids Faster Healing, and It’s Not Painful


Physical Therapists, who specialize in bringing back your mobility, know how to make you stronger without pain. They prioritize activities that do not require you to exert much effort. However, take note that physical therapy is challenging since the focus is on using your injured joints. So, ask for a recommendation from your doctor for the physical therapist option. On the other hand, you can get suggestions around your area through peers.  For a discussion of 26 things you can do to treat yourself, go here:



Dr. Jo, who is featured in the video, is a Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy.  You can learn more about her at her website page:https://www.askdoctorjo.com/content/about-me