Various Exercises You to Reduce Belly Fat


There are various exercises you can choose from when wanting to reduce your belly fat and work on your abs. For example, you can simulate a cable row at home. While all of them have something to offer, a rowing machine might be the best option. This post will look at five reasons why a rowing machine is good for abs.

Is a Rowing Machine Good for Abs?

Can including a rowing machine in my workout help me achieve a six-pack of abs or a flat, toned stomach? The simple answer is yes. The following are five answers to “is a rowing machine good for abs?”

1.                 The Machine Targets Your Core

While a rowing machine is a full-body workout, it more specifically burns fat from your midsection. Rowing targets your glutes and stomach in one fell swoop. The machine constantly engages your core muscles throughout every stroke.

As you glide along on the machine, your core crunches and relaxes. This movement means that you are essentially executing continual mini sit-ups by working out on a rowing machine.

2.                 Rowing Is an Upper-Body Workout

On top of targeting your core, rowing is also an excellent upper-body workout. The machine provides a nice workout for your pecs and biceps, which further contributes to developing better abs and a stronger core.

3.                 It Burns Fat

Rowing is also a fat-burning workout. Additionally, it doesn’t just burn fat from your midsection. It reduces your entire body’s fat by supplying you with a workout that burns up to 800 calories in an hour.

Considering that you will not see your abs until you get rid of the top layer of fat, using this machine goes a long way in burning fat and building strong abdominal muscles.

4.                 It Is a Low Impact Exercise

While a high-intensity workout will have a more significant impact, it can often cause injuries. For instance, a high-intensity treadmill workout can result in injuries to your knees or ankles.

On the other hand, with a rowing machine, you can exercise at the highest intensity without fear of injuries because the exercise has a low impact on your body.  That is why rowing is one of the best exercises for seniors with bad knees.

5.                 Offers Quicker Results

With rowing being a low-impact exercise, you can train as often as you wish. Also, just because rowing is a low-impact exercise does not mean it will not challenge your core and body. With these reasons combined, you can achieve your desired results much quicker.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Rowing

The following are a few tips to keep in mind when using your rowing machine to work on your abs.

Keep Your Back Straight as You Stroke

Avoid rounding or hunching your back or leaning slightly when rowing. Instead, keep your back straight and erect. Focus on sitting up straight and pulling your shoulders back so as not to have them cave forward.

Don’t Row With Just Your Arms

For a more effective workout, keep in mind that when rowing, 60% of strength should come from your legs, 20% from your arms, and 20% from bracing your core.

Don’t Rush Your Row

The perfect rowing stroke is one whose recovery is twice as long as the drive. Engaging your core will help you control your deceleration and heart rate and avoid rushing your row.

Start Your Journey To Better Knee Health

Though we have been looking at why a rowing machine is good for abs, it can also significantly improve your knee health. With the knee joint being one of the most important joints in your body, its optimal health can do wonders for your overall well-being and quality of life.